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Have you ever felt the urge to nurture greenery from seed to full-grown salad vegetable? Have you looked at someone driving a ten-ton hunk of rusting iron farm machinery and said "I could do that?"! Is the sum total of open space available in your life a remarkably spacious balcony hanging off the side of your studio apartment?

Well, do we have the game for you! Plant seeds! Water things! Watch them grow! Devour the fruits of your labours in one life-affirming yet otherwise unsatisfying mouthful!

Apartment-block Agriculture is the meeting point between our desire for a garden to call our own & the cold reality of an apartment-based existence, inspired by Harvest Moon & Ludum Dare 34.

Game by Rob Haines (@rob_haines) & Jenny Haines (@SnarkyLamassu)


Arrow keys to move

X key to pick or water plants, or to plant seeds. Use the door to progress to the next day.

Once you've harvested your produce, press Tab to craft it into a delicious dish. There are ten recipes to discover! Happy cultivating!

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ApartmentblockAgriculture.exe 2 MB